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Pawn Protocol

Big brain time.

Arcade.xyz is built on the Pawn Protocol, developed in-house, an infrastructure layer for NFT liquidity, instant loans, and yield generation, enabling the financialization of NFTs.

The Pawn Protocol is at the cross section of Web3, DeFi, NFTs, and the metaverse economy.
Get liquidity using your NFT assets as collateral for loans. Connect to the dApp and select your loan terms. You can use Arcade’s OTC Desk for bespoke appraisals and assistance with the loan process.
Start Borrowing
Earn yield on your crypto assets by funding open loan requests on the dApp, or by making counteroffers. Lenders can reach out to Arcade’s OTC Desk to become a preferred lending partner.
Start Lending
Unlock more liquidity by using multiple NFTs for a single loan. Wrap assets together, minting a wNFT, and save on transaction costs (gas fees).
Get Liquidity
Want to know the value of your assets? Get in touch with Arcade’s OTC desk for bespoke appraisals.
Arcade OTC Desk
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Innovative smart contract design eliminates counterparty risk and ensures loans are easily accessible 24/7.

Lenders can earn fixed-rate interest with rare NFTs as collateral. Borrowers can get liquidity on their idle NFT assets - with the safety and security of the ethereum blockchain.

Word is bond.

“ The largest on chain loan against a portfolio in NFT history ...”
Arrington XRP Capital
“ We are witnessing the birth of a new institutional capital market instantiated by the team ...”

You’re in good company.

Arcade is backed and trusted by world-class investors and trailblazers who believe in pushing the boundaries of Web3 technology.
Audits & Verification

In blockchain we trust.

Arcade follows the highest blockchain industry standards. The Pawn Protocol has been stress tested and verified by industry peers to ensure security, uptime, and speed set new industry standards.
Least Authority
Updated Final Audit Report:
27 August 2021
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Updated Final Audit Report:
21 December 2021
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Over $20M in Total Loan Transactions.