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Pawn Protocol

Big brain time.

Arcade is built on the Pawn Protocol, an infrastructure layer for NFT liquidity that enables the financialization of non-fungible assets, commonly referred to as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs.

NFTs represent a revolution for storing value and attributing ownership of unique assets in the metaverse and the creator economy.
Asset Wrapping
Save gas fees by depositing multiple assets into a basket and minting a single Wrapped NFT (wNFT). Transform your CryptoPunk collection into a Wrapped CryptoPunk and leverage them as a singular piece of collateral.
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Borrowers can make loan requests setting terms such as type of funding cryptocurrency (ERC20), loan duration, and interest percentage, for term loans of at least one day in duration collateralized by their wNFT.
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Lenders can make loan actions for loan requests that are open to actions. Borrowers can seamlessly settle a loan by accepting a loan action trustlessly since the Lender has approved the funding amount for those terms to the protocol.
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A smart contract powered by state-of-the-art crypto engineering keeps your loan contracts on track, on time, easily accessible around the clock.

Earn interest as a secured lender, or borrow against your NFT assets - all running on the Ethereum blockchain.

Word is bond.

“ The largest on chain loan against a portfolio in NFT history ...”
Arrington XRP Capital
“ We are witnessing the birth of a new institutional capital market instantiated by the team ...”

You’re in good company.

Arcade is backed and trusted by world-class investors and trailblazers who believe in pushing the boundaries of web3 technology.
Audits & Verification

In blockchain we trust.

We follow the highest blockchain industry standards. Our protocol has been stress tested and verified by industry peers to ensure security, uptime, and speed set new industry standards.
Least Authority
Updated Final Audit Report:
27 August 2021
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Updated Final Audit Report:
21 December 2021
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Ask and you
shall receive.

Over $3.5M in Total Loan Transactions.