With the Arcade Protocol, users can leverage their NFTs as collateral for loans. The Protocol enables oracle-free, peer-to-peer lending with fixed terms. Users can select from existing offers on supported NFT assets or list their NFTs to receive lender bids. Arcade users can also set their terms and allow lenders to initiate loans quickly. Arcade is on-chain borrowing simplified.


Arcade enables trustless, fixed-term P2P lending against NFTs,. Lenders can make collection-wide loan offers on popular NFT collections, start loans instantly against listed assets with pre-defined terms, or make bespoke offers on newly listed assets and active loans. Generate interest returns or take possession of the collateral in the event of a default.


The Arcade Protocol is designed as a composable building block, integrating across numerous protocols, platforms, and user interfaces. The API supports developers building on the Arcade Protocol, enabling seamless integration, and is currently in use by a broad range of protocols, platforms, and users.